the Hunter’s Blue Moon

There was a vibrant excitement to the evening.

The following day I pondered over this.

There seems to always be an array of emotions and moods in the air as we near the Full Moon.

The rise and fall of the Earth’s Oceans, driven by the gravitational pull of the moon echoes the ambiance of the days leading up to the Full Moon.

For centuries people have believed the moon affects people’s behaviour. I have always felt there to be an external influence of the cycles of the moon on how I behave and feel.

The word lunacy derives from Latin lunaticus, meaning ‘moonstruck.’

It’s always refreshing to be outside when there is a full moon.

Taking myself outdoors, and if it’s not too over-cast, I love to soak up the moon’s rays.

Alert and listening to the animals who seem also enchanted by the moonlight.

It awakens something in me that revitalises my energy and clarifies my goals.

Energy that exists around us but sometimes we forget to embrace.

These natural events are a perfect time to connect to nature.