At Bootnaut we value our ethical clothes.

We consciously strive to make a positive impact on the fashion industry.

It is important to us that our customers love to wear our clothes, that they are made using ethical practices, from fair trade and eco-friendly materials. It is vital that we value our clothes, looking at the whole journey travelled in creating them.

Our goal is to make sustainable clothes.

Slow fashion is the reaction to fast fashion.

We have to re-think our relationship with our clothes.

It is our ambition to invite our customers to invest in well-made and long-lasting clothes.

We value the manufacturing process involved in being a slow fashion brand.

We take time to make samples, ensuring that problems are addressed before production.

This inevitably takes a longer time for the design to reach our customers, but ensures mistakes are ironed out before we make many garments.

It is essential that the whole process is more thoughtful.

Keeping production to small batches also prevents a surplus of clothes going to waste or being discarded.

At Bootnaut we create our designs to use up as much of our quality fabric as possible. Leaving very little fabric leftover when cutting our patterns.

We also make one size fit more people. We embrace the fact that we our unique and our designs allow for different shapes and sizes. Our SamPan Trousers can be worn by anyone. Once again limiting the chance that our clothes will be discarded.

By not following trends, and instead using enduring designs and styles, we are able to produce clothes that you cherish for longer and that can be worn for many seasons.

Our clothes are created to be practical and versatile for the wearer. This ensures that they are multi-functional and can be used for everyday casual wear, sports-wear, beachwear and dressing up. These values help ensure that our clothes have a sustainable positive impact on the fashion industry.

There is an estimated 50 million tons of clothing that is discarded every year. Most of it is not bio-degradable and ends up in a landfill.

The energy that goes into making our garments is often disproportionate to the quick turnaround of how much they are used. It is essential that we change our values and consideration when buying clothes to buying from ethical brands.

A cotton T-Shirt may require 700 gallons of water and may travel across several countries during production. Choosing to buy a quality ethical T-Shirt that you value and love and wear not just a few times is important. Appreciating and respecting the whole journey that it has undergone in order to be created. From the resources required through to supporting those skilled workers who have made it. Ultimately paying a fair price for the clothes you cherish, this not only reflects. Then when your favourite T-Shirt has been well worn, it can be recycled to make other apparel or useful products. This is circular fashion.

We must be ethical and think about making our clothes last longer, choosing more carefully and repairing them rather than throwing them away.

With our Sustainable SamPan Trousers, the ties can be replaced when they get old. If they get torn and need a patch this can be skillfully done to make your Bootnaut clothes look even more unique.

When they are well worn then we can recycle the natural materials used and make them into new clothes or other useful items. This is how we need to look at furthering the longevity of our garments.

Making this clear is key to making fashion more sustainable.

When we realize the implications of our choices and buy fewer clothes, buy better quality and buy designs that are not just passing trends we will make a positive difference on the planet.

The idea of owning something that you only wear a few times feels terribly disrespectful to the planet and to those who have been involved in making your garments.

It is vital to prioritize worker’s rights and equitable use of the earth’s natural resources.

Once you think about what you wear it is impossible to shop without a conscience.


At Bootnaut you can email us to let us know if you need a repair and we can get your Bootnaut clothes mended.

We ask for you to pay the postage and depending on the work needed we can repair them for you.

For a minimal payment of £15 we can replace the ties and patch holes beautifully.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Native American Proverb