Yoga is a spiritual journey to yourself.

To quote the Bhagavad Gita:

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self

When it comes to the journey into ourselves its when we really touch on and feel into what our true essence is. What is it that makes our essence? This essence that has carried us the whole way through our lives.

From childhood where it might be bright and vibrant, to young adulthood where it may become dulled by experience and other’s expectations. It follows us all the way on our journey.

If you are reading this, you are at some point in rediscovery. Some point in reestablishing that connection with yourself.

Yoga is the practice that allowed me a pathway to begin this discovery in a grounded embodied experience.

When we think about the element of water. Water is special because it has the ability to transcend and shapeshift from a liquid to a semisolid, to a gas. It can shapeshift between those forms while always holding onto its essence.

Its chemical make-up doesn’t change as it alters its states, just as our essence transcends with us as we journey through the various paths of life.

What is it that makes us who we are? In our practice we can touch on the essence of ourselves and bring these qualities to the surface. Playfulness, inquisitive, emotional, joyful…. Practice allows us to embody these qualities and experiences and bring them to the surface beginning a conversation with our spirit and our own unique soul.

Practice is an embodiment of our soul, our spirit and our essence. It is when we can gently encourage the inner depths of ourselves to move to our otter layers and begin to tangibly dance with our external environment.

Movement and practice allows us to dialogue with our essence. To embody experience and process emotions. We can bring to the surface experience, memories and emotions in a sacred and held space so these things can manifest, release themselves from our body or shine bright at the surface of our being, we are the director of our experience when we empower ourselves in that way.

Create an intent, make a heartfelt call to your spirit and your essence to begin a conversation. Dance at the parameters of your existence and understand that the universe moves in you, through you and to you.

Blog by Gina