Clothes with a conscience.

As we explore life and seek adventures we can respect and be kind to the planet and to those who made our wonderful garments.


As founder and designer of BOOTNAUT, I wanted to create clothes that had a purpose, were fun to wear and which had a conscience.

Encouraged by family and friends who found like me that the active-wear available didn’t always allow the freedom of movement which our activities needed. Noticing more brands appearing with the same sustainable fashion goals yet many failed to entice me.

I created Bootnaut clothes to be not just practical, but to also possess an alluring quality about them. I love to hang out with people who share the same aspirations and wanted to create clothes which others who shared my values, would simply fall in love with.

As a family we love to plan and go on long road trips. It is always an amazing opportunity to collect ideas. My creative inspiration for Bootnaut comes from simple traditional styles like the Thai Fisherman Trousers, the humble T-Shirt, the Kimono dress. These items of work clothes have been worn timelessly for generations. The designs simply work and they inspired me to create clothes which could be both versatile and beautiful.

I wanted clothes which are comfortable and free-spirited for active days filled with workouts, yoga and dance. Clothes to desire after days surfing, dancing or just simply when it’s time to relax and slouch. It was very important that my clothes let us be kind to ourselves and allow the wearer to express themselves. To go inside out. Not outside in. So, I love the way the SamPan Trousers wrap to fit the individual.
I wanted the wearer of my clothes to be wrapped, not just in fabric, but in their own personal values.

As my designs needed to be made it was a priority for me to connect directly with the people making my garments. Essential to me was to source natural fabrics and to take time to research and meet the suppliers and makers of eco-friendly fabrics.

Bootnaut clothes are made in England by local crafts people with fashion and textile skills. I made this decision so that I could keep close to the production process. Our pattern maker makes the calico toiles and samples which means a longer and better thought process, so that any necessary corrections can be made before production. This all helps to limit the impact on the environment. There are sometimes subtle flaws using natural dyes – which I love – it makes each garment unique.

We produce small quantities at a time meaning no garments are surplus and wasted.

BOOTNAUT making wonderful things to wear.

Pheona Shrive – BOOTNAUT Founder