Clothes with a conscience.

As we explore life and seek adventures we can respect and be kind to the planet and to those who made our wonderful garments.

At Bootnaut we believe in a cycle of energies.

Respecting Earth’s resources and only taking what we need to make our beautiful designs.

When you wear our clothes we would like you to remember the following.

Our fabrics are sustainably and thoughtfully sourced and are made by local Artisans.

We have created clothes that are freeing yet diverse and long-lasting.

By wearing our clothes we are helping to celebrate nurturing a sacred Earth.

The name Bootnaut is inspired from walking bootless. In other words barefoot.

This connects us to the earth and its vibrations.

It’s a mutual exchange in energies and is a fundamental Bootnaut belief. 

Pheona Shrive – BOOTNAUT Founder