SamPan Long Shorts


They are exceptionally versatile and look just as good at the beach, on the yoga mat as they do for happy days spent relaxing with your friends.
The baggy structured silhouette offers plenty of room for freedom of movement. With a comfy waistband you can wear them high or low.
They are the perfect warm-up piece and ethical clothes item to wear and have in your wardrobe for workouts or running errands.

The lightweight cotton is fair trade and sourced ethically and makes them perfect for warmer weather.
One size fits all and can be worn by everyone.
All our Bootnaut clothes have been lovingly and carefully handmade in England.

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SamPan Long Shorts

Trousers to live in.

Trousers to believe in.

SamPan Trousers are popular for active sports, surfer wear, yoga, meditation, dancewear, relaxing and you can dress them up for a more glamorous look.

They are extremely versatile to wear.

Easy to become your favourite item of clothing to adorn your wardrobe.

Making them a brilliant addition to your wardrobe.

Our SamPan Cotton Trousers are unisex, light and comfy to wear. 100 % cotton.

How to wear and put on the SamPan Trousers.

Both height and waist can be adjusted.

They can also be a loose or snug fit depending on how you wrap them.

To tie the waist, you only need to tighten or loosen the straps, whereas for the length the trick is to fold the material at the waist so that it drops to the perfect length.

As these are wrap trousers, they have no elastic, zippers or buttons, relying instead on traditional knots and folds.


Cloud Grey Spot, Dawn Patrol, Endless Summer, Flirting Red, Frontier Emerald Black, Olive Green, Raspberry Red, Sea Shell